1. Duration of the legal warranty

The following conditions, relating to the legal warranty, are activated automatically starting from the date of delivery of the Seabag for a period of 24 months.

This warranty certificate refers exclusively to the conditions of Legal warranty of the Manufacturer towards the consumer and is issued by the licensee company:

Giroboa Srls Via Armando Diaz, 2191011 – ALCAMO (TP) P.Iva 02762160816

Tel: +39 091 977.25.10 Fax: +39 091 977.25.10

Indirizzo Telematico: www.seabag.eu
E-Mail: seabag@seabag.it

Seabag is guaranteed, in compliance with current national and community laws on relations between the manufacturer and the consumer, by Siestas srl, the licensee of the product, regarding defects deriving from the manufacturing process which could occur within 24 months from the Seabag delivery date.

This date must be proven by a delivery document issued by the seller or by other documentary evidence (e.g. receipt) that shows the name of the seller, the Seabag delivery date, the identification details of the same (model type).

2. Warranty validity conditions

The consumer forfeits the rights set out in this Legal Warranty if he/she does not report the lack of conformity within 14 days from the delivery of the said item. To confirm and protect the principles of the legal warranty towards final purchased, Seabag is guaranteed for 24 months in relation to: manufacturing defects, defects of its raw materials, glues, hinges or other products used in the manufacturing cycle.

3. Commitment to remedy the defect

During the period of validity of this Warranty, if the lack of conformity of the goods due to manufacturing defects is ascertained and recognized, Sealife Srl undertakes to eliminate the defect by repairing or replacing the Seabag.

4. Exclusion clauses

The following Manufacturer's Legal Warranty does not cover:

• failure to comply with the instructions for use and maintenance published on the website www.seabag.it /www.seabag.eu / www.seabag.us; • negligence and careless use; • incorrect use (for example: partial closure of the watertight zip);

• maintenance or repairs carried out by unauthorized personnel; • shipping damage, or damage from circumstances and / or events caused by force majeure, which in any case cannot be traced back to manufacturing defects of the Seabag; • bad storage of the Seabag during a period of disuse;



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