The founders

An idea born from a need
Giuseppe Lucido

Giuseppe Lucido

Born in Palermo on June 5,1964, after obtaining his scientific high school diploma and studying law, he began his professional career within companies of primary importance in the Information Technology sector and taking care of start-ups and innovative companies, obtaining national recognition. He currently manages the SEABAG patent within the distribution company and is the General Manager of the linguistic agency Collegando.
He co-owns the Seabag patent.

Rossana Lo Dato

Born in Palermo on April 21, 1965, Architect and designer, she collaborated with the most important architecture studios in Palermo and founded the studio-gallery 54b in 2003. A studio that hosted art exhibitions and set up cultural events. During her career she obtained the Industrial Invention patent No. 0001389619, for SIESTAS® - New and original assembled and transportable structure, equipped for short-term uses as a bed. She currently deals with creative development and design of new products. She co-owns the Seabag patent

Rossana Lo Dato




Our brand was born in Sicily, where the creative center and the research and development laboratory are located. Our team, composed of creative talents and product technicians, is able to combine design and technology, using research aimed at identifying new technical fabrics together with specific waterproof systems. A wealth of knowledge and experience capable of interpreting and designing innovative products for lovers of leisure and the sea.

Reasons to choose us

To ensure maximum quality, we like to be responsible for the entire production process. Seabag is the result of a rigorous process, where attention to detail is always the focus of our efforts. The production cycle includes stress tests and water immersion tests in order to always guarantee top performance  

We are at your side in providing you with all the information you need. Our service is available every day including holidays using the Facebook chat 

If the Seabag should present a manufacturing defect, you can return it free of charge 

Seabag is the first inflatable IP69 waterproof bag which manages to combine technology and design.

Take everything with you

Free yourself from the anxiety of leaving your personal belongings unattended. Whether you want to swim or play sports, your belongings will always be safe.
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