Seabag Blue



Not simply waterproof

In the rain and at sea, it protects personal belongings in total safety

Seabag is a watertight, inflatable circular bag (Ø 38 cm.)

It is equipped with a flexible hinge welded using high frequency technology, has no seams and is totally hermetic.

Seabag has no seasons.

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It is the first waterproof bag on the market equipped with a “Tizip” flexible hinge, capable of resisting water pressure and impenetrable to dust.
Manufactured with high frequency technology, it has no seams and is totally hermetic.
The IP69 Seabag can stay underwater at a maximum depth of 6 meters for more than 48 hours, keeping its contents dry.
It’s the safe protection for personal belongings both underwater and in the rain.
Whether you use it while hiking in the mountains, at sea, on the snow, in the city to go to work, the personal belongings kept inside Seabag will always stay dry.

Additional information


Ø 38 cm;


290 grams


Smartphone, passport, wallet, camera, mini Ipad, glasses, medications and whatever precious things you want to protect


23 cm polyurethane-based flexible hinge

Degree of Protection - IP69

Protects from dust and powerful water jets

Inflating device

non-return valve for inflating an air chamber in a separate section